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Mini-Split Bib Kits & Accessories

That's no longer a problem with SpeedClean's Bib Kits, designed for indoor environments and fixing cleanly over the unit it allows water to be funnelled down from the coils to a bucket meaning the water goes where its supposed to and not all over the wall and surrounding area. A range of ...

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Coil Cleaners

SpeedClean Coil Cleaning machines give you a range of award winning options to ensure that your Coils remain spotless and operating at maximum efficiency saving you both time and money. These compact highly portable units allow you to take your cleaning power on the go. Each cleaner featuring a set ...

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Coil Cleaning Solutions

Choose from SpeedyFoam Condenser Coil Cleaner (available in a variety of volumes) for your CoilJet Coil Cleaner; or CoilShot Condenser Cleaning Tablets to give your CoilShot the ammunition it needs to get the job done.

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Coil Cleaning Wands

SpeedClean Coil Cleaning Wands are the ideal accessory to help you get the cleaning power deep down inside coils to give you the most versatile cleaning experience. Get access to those hard to reach areas with these high quality fixed or flexible steel (either chrome plated or stainless steel ...

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Coil Cleaning Accessories

SpeedClean Coil Cleaning Accessories make the CoilJet and FlowJet Coil Cleaners more versatile than ever before; featuring a range of high quality quick connecting Nozzles to suit a variety of environments they let you make a quick job even quicker. We also supply a range of spare batteries and ...

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Bucket Descaler

SpeedClean Bucket Descaler Industrial Descaler System designed for flushing limescale and other deposits from tankless/on demand water heaters and heat exchangers in just minutes; keeping the at optimal performance. Featuring a durable acid proof pump and fittings and extra long hoses. Simply ...

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SpeedyBright Biodegradable Descaler/Limescale Remover

SpeedClean SpeedyBright Descaling Solution is a safe, effective descaler and limescale remover approved for potable water use. SpeedyBright is a phosphoric acid-based cleaner that improves the operating efficiency in tankless water heaters, gas/electric water heaters and other water heating/heat ...

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Descaling Machine Accessories

SpeedClean Descaling Machine Accessories products to compliment the SpeedClean Bucket Descaler including additional hoses, recirculation kit and PH Test Paper

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Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaner

Get innovative chiller tube cleaning technology at an affordable price. The brand new, lightweight SC-TC-60 is perfect for heat exchanger tube cleaning and thoroughly cleans chiller tubes and heat exchanger tubes using advanced features like reversible shaft rotation and integrated water flush to ...

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Tube Cleaner Shafts

SpeedClean have a range of Tube Cleaner Shafts and Couplings to suit their range of high quality Tube Cleaning Machinery.

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Tube Cleaner Shaft Maintenance

Maintenance Tools to keep your Shafts in perfect working order

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Tube Cleaner Brushes

A range of high quality Tube Cleaning Brushes available in either Grit or Nylon versions. Both types come in a wide range of sizes.

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Dry Steam Coil & Surface Coil Cleaner

Steam is an incredible, natural cleaning and sanitizing agent. It removes grease, oils, dirt and bacteria, all without one drop of a chemical. Dry steam takes it one step further; it superheats water vapor to produce a 235-degree steam, at only 10% moisture content. This means that surfaces are ...

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